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The small Ionian island of Ithaca in Greece is filled with musicians and artists who have escaped the city without wallowing in hippidom. Something about this insignificant island attracts sensibilities that are a little off the wall, alternative and extreme from gothic to beats, landscape to surreal, poetry to novels about addictions. It makes for an interesting mix of characters, music and art..

erika bach

lola demo is Erika Bach (ex-Creature Creature 1984 - 1986, Ape the Cry 1986 - 1991 and Hard Candy 1992 - 2002) The lola demo project started when Erika moved to the Greek Island of Ithaca in 2002. lola demo is self  produced at Strudel Girl Records in Stavros Ithaca Greece. All instruments played by lola demo and recorded on Cubase. She admits she's a cubase junkie, happy to immerse herself in music for 6 monhs of the year. Her gritty truth through her lyrics can be confronting and sometimes a little Xplicit, but Erika Bach's emotive melodies distract the listener from the jagged edges of the sometimes bitter reality portrayed in her songs. Since lola demo's inception, her loyal following has grown and grown. Many number 1 chart hits on Soundcloud, millions of plays thousands of followers.

'If Patti Smith, Lou Reed, and Joan Jett had one night of chemically induced sexual passion, the next mornings aftermath would be Lola Demo' Hittingbirth Music

For more cd information visit www.lolademo-music.com  

Listen to lola demo on Souncloud here: www.soundcloud.com/lolademo and

lola demo Store  www.lolademo.bandcamp.com




m1nk = em one en kay

M1nk are Barry Snaith UK and Erika Bach GR. An electronic duo delving into the addictions of love, hate and caustic passions. If you get into bed with m1nk, be prepared to undress your inhibitions. Already garnered an extraordinary number of accolades from critics across the digital sphere and beyond - NEW YORK TIMES // it’s almost impossible to slot m1nk into one of those neat little boxes that we bloggers love. - DEVILS BEST TUNA (BBC 6Music Selector PAUL KERR) // a stunning slab of gritty, grimy industrial electro reminiscent of the KLF at their idiosyncratic best - BBC 6Music TOM ROBINSON) // David Lynch armed with a fuzz box - SPILL MAGAZINE // dark, edgy and spellbinding - JAMMERZINE // musical art - BEEHIVE CANDY.COM //gritty and dark as hell - HITTINGBIRTH.COM // reassuringly chilling… mooches and prowls with club floor intent (THE SUNDAY EXPERIENCE) // pulsing noir tones and deceptively funky electro phrasing…albeit as though fronted by a Debbie Harry evil twin with issues. (LOSING TODAY)

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Klara Koetler artist painter, lives in Sarakiniko Ithaca Greece, the area originally inhabited by a German commune in the 70s, in the south Ithaca for most of the time, where she paints. She finds the natural and traditional village environment calm and inspiring. Klara has exhibited her works since 1997. You can visit her website koitler.com for contact and exihibition and purchase details.


Jessica Bell Book Cover Designer

Jessica Bell is a published author and publisher of Vine Leaves Press, but also a book cover designer. She offers Basic package which includes: Both paperback and eBook | 3D book cover for the web | An unlimited time to discuss ideas via email | Up to 2 image downloads via Adobestock.com | Three rounds of revisions.


BRUNO is visiting Earth from the planet Venus.

Bruno (aka Jessica Bell) is known for her killer-byte, she likes a nybble of Daft Punk, PJ Harvey, and Daughter, a couple more bytes from FC Kahuna, Elastica, and Portishead, and maybe a few bits of Bat for Lashes and Trentemoller. The rest of BRUNO's bits are private.


Headcharge 777

Headcharge777 is psychedelia, 90s alt-rock, 1960s, garage, 70s and modern fuzz with a 2020 flavor.Soundscapes and samples and big guitar scapes. Recorded on the island of Ithaca Greece at burnvalve records. Demetri Vlass was Co-founder of Creature Creature / Hard Candy / Ape The Cry,(Melbourne Australia)


Gash productions

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Artists in Greece

Greece is not only a place in the sun, but also a place for artists of all kinds to thrive and flourish.

Jessica Bell Author

jessica bell

Jessica Bell is an award-winning author, writing and publishing coach, and graphic designer. In addition to having published a memoir, four novels, three poetry collections, and her bestselling Writing in a Nutshell series, she has been featured in a variety of publications and ABC Radio National shows such as Writer's DigestPublisher's WeeklyMamam!a, Life Matters, and Poetica.
She is also the Publisher of Vine Leaves Press, CEO of Independent Publishing Assistance, a voice-over actor, and the coordinator of the Writing Day Workshops.

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Catherine Andrews Rombotis Artist

Katherine Andrews Rombotis has been painting Ithaca island for many years. She was born in Australia from Ithacan heritage and migrated to the island after meeting her husband Phillip Rombotis in the early 80's. Her unique eye has seen her work transform from landscape to abstract. Catherine has a little studio in Yefyri Platrithia Ithaca Greece, from where you can also buy her paintings in either oil or acrylic.

Catherine Andrews Rombotis can be contacted through her facebook book page www.facebook.com/ithakiart

Barry Snaith - Creative Artworker

Barry Snaith lives in Little Hayfield, High Peak and has been involved in the industry since 1992. He is currently freelancing within a variety of companies in the UK and Greece, artworking and designing:
• supermarket POS (Tesco, Asda, Co-op, Morrisons)
• pub restaurant sector POS (Toby, Harvester) 
• adverts (inc. auto & housing market)
• brochures & catalogues
• direct mail
• packaging
• image & video editing

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